Sezetad was born in Feb 2018,

In 2010, Jack and his roommates graduated from a brand domestic University, all of them graduated with honors from the Department of Computer Science. So, based on their passion and unlimited enthusiasm for the IT field, they created an IT solutions company to go on their love for IT.

Before 2018, they mainly served the domestic large company's and Government’s IT project. For building Servers, Cloud Storage, GPU workstations, etc. During that 8 years, with their highly-recommend work accomplishment, they earn at least 28 units of organization of Government projects, 20 units of large enterprise projects, as well as 2 units of Bank organization projects, as well as some other small projects.

Until one day, one of the company from UK which invited them to be their IT solutions consultant, and satisfied with the quality of server and storage spare parts which they found. Then, they were starting to realize that they can help more enterprises to provide their high quality and reliable server and storage spare parts, as well as IT solutions technician to keep their data safe and secure.

Without hesitation, they created Sezetad. They wish to build a small but energetic enterprise, every staff is the hoster of the company: professional, reliable, and love IT. and treat each customer as our important partner.

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